Saturday, March 9, 2013

A relaxing Saturday...somewhat!

This is my first time posting from my iPad!
I went round and round trying to upload photos, but it just wouldn't work! But then I found that blogger has an app! Yay, now I can add photos! However, I cannot choose font colors or center my text. Also, I can only get the photos to show up at the bottom of the post instead of where I want them. I can't add text to them either. O well, it's better than turning on the old computer and transferring photos that way. I have become extremely lazy since getting a iPad, and my computer has gotten very dusty!

It was a unusual Saturday morning. Instead of sleeping in until 6AM (late for me). I had to get up at the usual weekday 4:30 AM to bring my older son to an ROTC function. He is the photographer. (following in his dads footsteps). So, did the usual chores, went shopping (Costco parking lots was horrible, too much traffic everywhere! I think southern California has gotten beyond its capacity). Then my youngest and I had a fun afternoon with the boy scouts. We went down to camp to welcome 7 new boys to the troop.... Ryan had a blast because a lot of the boys are his buddies that are a year behind him and he will get to see them more often now! Boy Scouts Rock!! My oldest is working on Eagle.

So now I am back home relaxing. Listening to my husband scream bloody murder at his video game.... I think it's Call of Duty. After years of telling the boys to NOT shout at video games, he is now the king of screaming. Needless to say, they do not get in trouble for that anymore! However, they have never screamed like their dad. Ever!

So bookwise, I finished Out of my Mind.... OMG it was Such a great book!!! Great ending too. Now I am on to Safe Haven by N Sparks..... I know it is coming out as a movie and always try to read it first and then compare. The worst book to movie, in my opinion, was Under the Tuscan Sun. They BUTCHERED it!!! I mean, the movie was good, but it sooo wasn't the book!

Food wise..... Making a boring dinner tonight. Ryan really likes spaghetti, so it's his night! I use Dreamfields pasta.... Only 5 carbs per serving. I must have looked at 20 jars of sauce before I found one without sugar!! Ragu is the worst... Tons of sugar! Blech. Saturday nights I try to relax a bit and hopefully take a bubble bath, so I am NOT making homemade sauce! I do need to concoct some kind of garlic bread,though..... Without wheat. Maybe flax focaccia. With tons of cheese! I love cheese!

Last night was an epic one, food wise.. I finally made my cheddar and ham stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon! It came out really juicy. I do not want to talk about my eggplant..... I didn't have the heat high enough and it got all mushy and gross.... We had salad instead.

This morning I heard my Phoebe (Mama Boston) whining nonstop.... I figured she really had to go out! I ran over to open the door and discovered she was staring laser beams into the doggie cookie jar. She looked at me, then at the jar, and whined. Repeat.... She sure like her cookies, the little fatty! We call her laser because she has a piercing stare that she uses to her best advantage! Here is a photo of her laser beams, and my chicken!

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