Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boston trouble and Sunday work

Troubles in Boston paradise.

Phoebe use to be the bad girl..... For some reason she was always jumping on Hector, our giant Bassett, and beating the tar out of him! No bites, but plenty of snarling and intimidation. She hasn't done it for a few months, luckily.
However, the newest problem is Hercules, the giant puppy, has recently started picking fights with his dad, Jinx! Jinx is only 16 pounds, half his sons size. Not good. Today I had to separate them (out in the bramble bushes, lots of fun there) and Jinx has a nice big bite on his arm now. I cleaned and wrapped it up, but my little guy is limping! Poor Jinx. Now we have to be careful who we let outside together, which is a pain. They only fight when they are outside.

Most of today was spent pulling weeds and trying to mow the muddy weedy side yard. No fun story here! But I DID make to yoga, so I have aches all over. But good aches.

I made super good sugar free almond flour chocolate chunk muffins! Yum! I cannot remember where I got the recipe, but it's a keeper, unlike so many other odd tasting experiments. Instead of chocolate chips, I get a sugar free chocolate bar from trader joes and chop that up into it.

Boston photo at the bottom: Jinx is upper left, Herc is lower right.

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