Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello Cyber World!


Well, here I am, writing a blog.   I absolutely LOVE reading blogs but only recently started to think about writing one.  

Books, Bites and Bostons refers to my favorite things:  Reading every chance I get, cooking and creating great food (mostly grain free and sugar free) and loving my 4 adorable sweet Boston Terriers!  They are the COOLEST dogs in the universe.  Even though they hate everyone in the world except for the immediate family....  especially UPS and FEDEX drivers, for some reason!

I LOVE to cook and spend way way too much at the grocery stores, but I can't help it.  I go every day.  Maybe one day a month I will skip the store, but that is a rarity.  Since we rarely eat out, I think it all balances out.  I am trying to get the family on board eating Paleo style.  I try to keep wheat and sugar out of the house, but sometimes things happen like homemade Limoncello, in which case I had to buy a whole stinkin bag of sugar!  I want to make one with stevia, but my husband gagged too much at the idea.  I will try it when he isn't around!

Books books books!  I am NEVER without a few books to read.  I keep one in the car, for those long red lights.  I keep some at work, some in the kitchen, and a million in the bedroom.  I am always at the library (I hate spending money on a book unless it is a very special one, or a cookbook).  For some reason I buy cookbooks like they are going out of style....  and then end up online searching for recipes anyway!

So, all this talk about my favorite things must include my family!  There just wasn't a way to incorporate into the blog name!  I have been with my husband for 25+ years (moved in with him when I was a jailbaity 17 years old)!  I have two wonderful sons....  11 and 16.  I am so proud of them....  they rock!

This is my oldest with our little Phoebe when she was a pup.
Well, That's it for my first blog!  I need to break out my camera and get pics of all the dogs (Phoebe, Jinx, Luna and Hercules) and my kids and my FOOD!!!

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