Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lazy Evening

I am so grateful for evenings like this.....   I was very much into my book today and almost hated to come home and have to do the usual cooking and dishes and what-not.....

But lucky me!  My husband was busy busy working on his computer, my eldest had a meeting to go to with transportation provided (yay!) and my youngest reminded me that he hates meat.  So,the "meat" will just sit in the crockpot and I shall just stand here leaning against the counter with a little seltzer and read to my hearts content!

I actually like standing for 2 reasons;  I sit all freaking day and I know that it is detrimental to my health, and also because there is some unwritten strange law that says "as soon as mom sits down and relaxes for a second, all hell shall break loose".  The dogs will want to go out, the kids will want help with something and my other half will want to talk about politics!

The crockpot meal came out superbly, by the way....  If indeed that is a word.  I put in a huge shoulder of pork, a half bottle of  Stubbs BBQ marinade (lowest carb BBQ sauce ever, and super good!) and some black soy beans.  And a ton of various spices and some tangy mustard....  It tastes very very good!  I have mixed feelings about soy beans... Some people say soy is awesome, some say it's the devil!  I say, they are so freaking low carb that I will occasionally use them, like once every month or 2.  Seriously, I do not think it will hurt in that small of an increment,  and it is nice for my family so that they do not feel so deprived!

I am having the best time reading my newest book..."Captive Daughter, Enemy Wife".  I have to say I do not care for the title.  For some reason, it sounds like a bodice ripper!  But I am 3/4 done and there have been no bodices ripped.... but it is sooooo good that I think I will be up until I finish it tonight. Please, don't anybody interrupt me or request my presence!

The Boston's are all doing superbly....  Nothing noteworthy, so I will leave them alone and not try to take a photo.  Goodnight, Boston's!

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