Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day!

I am so lucky to live where it is warm!  It will be 75 - 80 degrees today, and it is only March.  There are all sorts of trees blooming with pink and white flowers on the way to work.  I love it!

So I heard on the news that a 7 year old boy was suspended for shaping his breakfast pastry into a gun shape.  Are you kidding?!?  That is totally crazy!  Suspended??  My kids have been toy gun enthusiasts since they were toddlers!  Cowboy cap guns, more Nerf guns that can fit into the closet, Star Wars guns.... There have been many evenings where all of the neighborhood boys (and the occasional girl) all got together for a huge hide n' seek and shoot!!  My youngest would even make guns, shields and elaborate body armor out of cardboard and duct tape!  I think it is perfectly natural for boys to behave this way.   I do try to make sure they all look suitably fake or toy-like. 

One of many suits of cardboard armor and a Star Wars gun!
Jinx is doing better after he was beat up.  His arm swelled up pretty big for a while, now it is back to normal and I can barely see where he was bitten.  He is still shaking and giving me pitiful looks just to milk it for all it's worth, though!  Especially if I am in the kitchen near the snack jar!  

Jinx attempting to fit inside a puppy bed!

 So, no new cooking stories today.  Last night we went to Hometown Buffet....  I think they have gone downhill!  Many trays were mostly emptied and never refilled, just dried out and gross.  They advertise "steaks", but what there is is ONE steak at the carving station and you get a slice of it.  Dumb!!  The dessert section was nothing like it use to be.  Very little variety, the chocolate ice cream was empty, there was only one sugar free option (there use to be several) and they stopped serving chopped peanuts!  Ooooh, someone might have an allergy so we all get to suffer.  Thanks! They could at least offer them in little pouches, like some places, to avoid contamination.  My vanilla ice cream was very dull.  And to top it off, the coffee dispenser ran out!!!   Bad ending to a dismal meal.  That is the last time we go there (not that we did very often anyway).
No cooking tonight, Boy Scout night!  But I forgot to take something out of the freezer for the crock pot.  I am a bad mom.  Well, I have all day to figure out a fast dinner, I guess!

Books.....  today I am reading a book by a local woman.  
It is called "Captive Daughter, Enemy Wife" by Mary Tweedy.
It is about a young Indian (Native American) that is captured by another tribe and becomes the wife of one of the braves.  I was not sure what to expect, but I starts off very well written and interesting!   I like books about "the Olden Days!"

Happy Day!

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