Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh, I NEVER get sick!

I guess I forgot to knock wood when I said "I never get sick"!

Because now I am sick. No amount of echinacea or zinc or booze kept his one at bay. But seriously, I have not been sick in years!! I entirely blame my coworker, he kept coming in to the office just to cough and sneeze, it seemed. Like he just wanted me to know he was sick. Sadly, I had to go to work the last 2 days because I am the manager and nobody knows how to do my job. I did get off work early enough to feel like a real mom and picked my kids up from school! That is a complete rarity....
Speaking of feeling like a real mom.... Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home mom. I get so jealous when I see my SAHM friends post that they watched a movie or went hiking or took a nap! Oh my god, a nap?! My hubby is a stay at home dad... He works from home.... So not fair. If I was home, everything would be clean and shiny, I would cook even MORE! He works a little.... And relaxes. And I still come home from work, make dinner 5 or 6 times a week. And I do laundry.... Like for real, meaning I put it away! That is the hardest part of doing laundry, I think! At least in modern times. Using a washboard would suck. I'm the scrubber of bathrooms, washer of dishes, cleaner of the carpets, duster of all and do all outside yard work. Which I do enjoy.... But I get a bit (!) annoyed when "someone" complaints that the living room is dusty or his pants aren't clean. Sigh.... Okay, rant is over, I feel a little better now.

I just finished a great book.... "Flirting with Pete" by Barbara Delinsky. It was a great book! A few bits were rushed at the end, but overall very good! I finished it on my lunch break and should have seen the sad part coming towards the end and waited to read it at home. But alas... I started CRYING and this is never good. I get VERY red when I cry, my eyes stay glassy for hours and my mascara disappears. (that's bad since I only have eyelashes when I have mascara on, otherwise they are invisible). But today I was in luck. Since I have been sneezing and coughing all day and my mascara was gone since 9am, nobody noticed! Phew!

I have not cooked a single thing since Monday! This is a long streak! Partly because I felt like crap, partly because I did not want to infect anybody. I got some lovely BBQ rib things from Fresh n Easy yesterday. They also had a great dip, feta cucumber and dill. I almost put I back when I saw the dill, it isn't my favorite flavor, you see. But since it was on a super sale, I got I anyway and I am glad I did! The dill was very subtle and the veggie chips went great with it.

The Boston babies are doing superbly. I was sitting here on my bar stool reading and eating leftover carne asada fries (an example of my husband corrupting my diet, dammit)! and I was completely surrounded by beseeching bulging eyes! I gave them each a few fries.... No biggie, they are grain free. But that only made it worse, they got closer and closer, their whines got louder and more drawn out, like they were singing! I finally just tossed the rest and told them to scram! They are all now sitting on top of my hubby in the other room. They are not even looking at me. I feel that they are disappointed with me, quite frankly. Well, they will be even more disappointed this weekend, as I am going to give them all baths! Hahaha (this is an evil witch cackle)!

Well, I have had enough wine to make my throat feel less scratchy, and to make it harder to type (hard to type on an iPad anyway). So, have a great weekend! I hope somebody is reading this!

Good night!

Enjoy the puppy in a bowl photo!

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