Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring has sprung!

It is time to get outside! At least here in the southwest........ I am itching to get outside and start planting, but first I have to work on post winter clean up. Today will be pulling weeds galore. Time to empty the porch and clean it up too, as well as get the barbecue ready to fire up. Just so I don't get too bored with cleaning, I will plant a few herbs that I have set aside and prune some roses. Everything is so green! Sadly, it only lasts a few months before the yard starts getting baked. I also need to take a trip to home depot and look for fencing, as last year, every time something wold be ready to pick, the dogs would discover it and take a bite! Seriously, I have found more half eaten tomatoes and zucchinis than I collected for us to eat! Stinkers. I have had kale growing throughout the winter, too..... Was going to pick the last bunch and guess what? The dogs ATE it! What dog eats kale?! So, picket fence time. And maybe some barbed wire.

I am proud of my boys. My youngest is at a big boy scout competition this weekend. I hope they won some awards! I am mostly glad that he is outside and away from video games for a while. Boy, he will be filthy when he gets home. They never seem to change their clothes on campouts! Yuck. My oldest spent all day yesterday at leadership training.... Apparently, he actually got to train some adults! Wow. He said it was easy, because they pay more attention than kids! After a full day training, he rushed home, put on his suit and tie and many ribbons and was off to the ROTC ball! He looked so handsome and could have easily passed for an adult. Kind of scary.

I was able to wash 3 Boston's this morning.... That was all I could catch. I may or may not wash phoebe.... She is the cleanest usually. Now they are scattered around the house taking naps.

Well, have a peaceful Sunday. I am skipping yoga because I still keep coughing and don't want to disrupt the class. I will get plenty of exercise outside in the sun!

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