Friday, March 8, 2013

Tea and books

Yesterday I finished the book "The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns" by Margaret Dilloway.  It was a really great book!  I just picked it randomly off the shelf at the library....  sometimes that backfires, but not this time!  It was about a woman with kidney failure that "breeds" roses and is waiting for a kidney.  It doesn't SOUND interesting, but it was!!    So now I have just started "Out of my mind" by Sharon Draper.  It is SUPER!    It is all about a little girl with cerebral palsy, she cannot walk, talk or even move a whole lot.  The story is told from the girl's perspective and I feel her frustration so deeply!  She is brilliant but everybody thinks of her as "retarded".  It is so good, I could not put it down last night!!  

Speaking of last night, I was really looking forward to making ham and cheese stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon.  I was denied!  I was informed right before I left work that they had gone to Chinese buffet instead.  Oh well, I will look forward to it tonight instead!!  It DID give me the opportunity to read for a few hours, though!!  Always good!

Tea.  I have really been getting into teas lately!  I recently discovered Matcha, (from Lindsay at "Delighted Mamma" blog) which is the ground up leaf of green tea and is VERY healthy!  Instead of just drinking the infusion of tea, you are actually ingesting the leaf itself, and is like green tea on crack!  I have also been randomly picking out tea at the Vietnamese market (I like being random..  books, tea, weird food).  I have tried Artichoke tea (great detoxifying tea) which is velvety and rich tasting.  I've tried all the basics,  green, oolong, jasmine, chamomile, and the scary "dieters slim tea" (scary because it turns out to be a laxative!).  Yesterday I picked out "Bojenmi" Chinese tea.  This morning I looked it up and to my delight, it is said to help with weight loss, help with blood pressure,  bad breath and strangely it helps with "erosion of the lip and tongue"!!  Huh???  Well, thats good, I guess... if I chewed tobacco!  

I am drinking some right now....  a tad bitter, so next cup I will add stevia.  
I am reassured that I will avoid any nasty lip erosion!!!  

By the way, I mentioned the Delighted Momma Blog above...  she has the BEST blog!!!  So many recipes, excellent natural beauty care advice,  and lots of crafty stuff.  I am not a bit crafty, but the food and skincare is fun to read!  My other favorite blogs are Nieniedialogs written by Stephanie Nielsen.... she was in a terrible plane crash with her husband and almost died.  She was severely burnt over 85% of her body and now has the most positive happy blog!  She wrote a book about it too  "Heaven is Now".  I HIGHLY recommend this book.  I also like "MargaretDilloway, AmericanHousewife" blog, by the lady that wrote one of the books above.  It is a fun blog!  I just love blogs!  I sometimes wish I could stay home all day and read them.

Here are some random pictures of my Bostons!
My beautiful dainty Luna (and Mr. Bill)

Sweet scaredycat Jinx (I love his shiny little lip!)

The mighty Hercules (he is HUGE for a Boston!)

Phoebe AKA the Boss!  She is guarding the tree.
 So, maybe next time I will post pictures of my human kids!!


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