Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Tuesday Stuff

 I wish I was at home now.  My husband just sent me this photo of all the dogs laying on the couch and it looks so cozy and inviting!
But of course, once I get home, it will be crazy and loud.  The dogs will all jump up and go crazy until they have all had lots of attention from me.  Then the questions will start:  When is dinner, what's for dinner, I don't like meat, can I have ice cream instead?   On and on....
I think I am making "meatza" tonight!  That is a giant beefy "crust" with tons of pizza toppings smothering it!  Sadly, we will not be having pepperoni.  I read the ingredients of the last pack and was HORRIFIED!  Seriously, they pump it full of poison to keep it fresh and colorful (BHA and BHT). And nitrates.  

My latest book to read is "The Lake of Dreams" by Kim Edwards.  It's "not bad" but it's not the best.  It is a little slow.  It could be the fact that I just got "How to be an American Wife" from the library and have been waiting for it anxiously for a while and want to jump right on it!  I do not like to leave books half finished, though.    The American Wife book is by Margaret Dilloway, who I just love!  She needs to write more, though....  she has only written 2 books so far.  
Maybe I will get time to read tonight!

I just found a few new blogs that I will be following.  In case any of you are interested in Paleo/Primal/Lowish Carb eating, check them out!  (I am more Primal than Paleo....  I adore CHEESE!  and I try to keep low carb, the only thing that works for me).


That is all I can remember for now!

Just for fun......
This is the tattoo that I am planning on getting soon. 

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