Thursday, April 25, 2013

A scary day

I had a scare earlier this week.

I was at work, just minding my own business, sitting at the computer working.  All of a sudden I got a REALLY bad pain in my upper back and it spread to my chest and throat quickly.  It freaked me out, I was not even moving when it happened!  I sat there for a minute, hoping it would go away....  decided to look online for "sudden upper back pain causes" and the first thing that came up was Heart Attack!!  Well, as soon as I saw that, I could feel my heart start to race.  Luckily I have a blood pressure monitor in my desk so I checked it out and it was HIGH.  Higher than it has ever been before!  The pain started to go away, after a few more minutes it was all gone.  But it came back!  A few times!  My coworker came in and immediately knew something was wrong, I started crying and called this little urgent care place next door who said they couldn't help and to go to ER.  So I called my husband to come get me, he was on a walk with our oldest boy, so they ran back to the house (and my husband does NOT run).  He got here in a few minutes luckily and off we went to the ER.  On the way, the pain stopped and I started feeling stupid for getting everyone in an uproar.  We made it pretty quickly even though it was rush hour, and as soon as I checked in, I was called back.  Now I know, if you ever want fast service in the ER, just say the words chest pains and you will be first in line (unless your are bleeding to death,then you will be 2nd).  So over the course of almost 5 hours, I had many tests and x-rays and blood-letting.  And they came up with absolutely nothing!  Which is wonderful, but made me feel even dumber for panicking!  

The 3 worst things about this visit were: 
 A. I was so worried that my kids were worried and had to make their own dinner
B. It was incredibly boring....   
C. Finding out my plan had changed and not only did I have to shell out $150, I was told I would be receiving an additional bill as well!!  Because there were so many tests.  Good thing I refused the IV and didn't have enough pee for the urine test!  That saved a few bucks.

So, no clue what it was.  Possibly a strange deep muscle spasm.  

On a cheerier note, I made some really good ribs last night!  Slow braised with lots of garlic and tiny red onions.  They had been marinading allll day.  I also got to try out my new ricer!  I used it to make mashed cauliflower.  Good stuff!  I made a gravy from all of the drippings from the pork and it came out very well!

Another fun thing that happened is that my car made it to 100000 miles!!!
This may seem "meh" to some people, but it is the first car that I have owned 
from Mile #1 to Mile #100000!

I just finished a freebie on my Kindle.  It turned out to be funny and interesting!  It was a little unsettling in regards to the amount of alcohol consumed by college students, though.  And that is something, coming from me!
It was called "Deep Fried and Pickled" by Paisley Ray
It turns out that it is the first in a series...  but the other will have to wait, as I have 5 or more books waiting for me at the library!

Nobody can lay on a bed without doggies jumping up!

The End

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  1. OMG Laura! How scary!!!!!! I"m so glad you're ok! You also probably made yourself get a panic attack as well, with your heart racing.. xoxoxox