Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homage to My Favorite Store!

Today is all about my Favorite Store in the entire world:
Trader Joes!

(I dedicate this to my mom, Susan.  
She will be very jealous to read this because there are no Trader Joes near her). 
Although they are inexpensive, I seem to come out with a completely empty wallet every time!  But with such super bargains!

These are my Top 10 favorites:

I just finished eating a tin of these....  luckily I have a toothbrush handy because they are FISHY!  But just like it says, light smokey flavor and lots of Omega 3's!

I just love the 2 Buck Chuck.... even though it is now 2 buck plus 49 cent Chuck.  Still a great deal for some very tasty wine!

 This is what we drink tons of!  Luckily I have been able to wean the family from soda - down to sugar free soda - down to Seltzer!  

The kids love their chocolate, so I try to have these around.  I also use them to break up and make chocolate chunk cookies or muffins.  They melt very well too.

Best place for NUTS!!!  Most are salted with Sea Salt, which is the best kind of salt!

This is great!  I get a few just for emergency "I forgot my lunch" meals at work.  They are fun, you get to unwrap them!  And I am a huge fan of pesto.  Only a few carbs, too!!

These are Dangerous!!  I ate a whole bag without meaning too....  
I am very addicted to salty-sweet combinations!

This may look gross to some, but believe me, it was really good!  Very unique flavor, tangy and sweet.  Unfortunately, I have only seen it around Christmas time.

This is always a Great deal!  Inexpensive and not as harsh as some vodkas are.

Okay... last one!

This is a staple in my kitchen.  Coconut oil has SO many HUGE health benefits!!  I use it every day, to eat and on my face.  It is antibacterial and a great moisturizer, so I don't break out from it.  It reduced puffiness around the eyes, too!

Well, that is all I can think of.... I am sure I am forgetting many things, but these are the top 10!

For some reason, I am in the mood to go shopping now!

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