Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's been a busy week!

When I first thought of writing a blog, I thought I would write every day. I did not realize that it would be so hard! First of all, I think some of the things I would share are too boring, and secondly is I didn't realize how busy I actually get!
Today I had grand plans to get my tires replaced (hubby set up the appointment and got all of the details taken care of so I only had to walk in with the car and the money), then go to yoga and not die, then run around to a few different ethnic markets for some great ingredients for this week. The car was totally not even started when I went to pick it up, delaying me enough so that I only had time to run into Von's for a few basics and pick up some lunch, since it was late enough to create a problem when I returned home. So no lovely Bul Gogi BBQ meat, no coconut milk for my pudding, no heaps of cheap veggies, now I have no plans for the whole week. Oh well, at least I have lunch ingredients for the boys! (Wow, when I typed the word "ingredients", spell check turned it into Nigerians! Wow)! I guess. am sending my boys to school with Nigerians!

Anyway, somewhat of a change of plans. Then, I get home and see that the lawn needs to be cut, and it is drying out..... Here we go. The start of the incredible high water bill to keep at least the front lawn green! This is what stresses me out from April to November every year.... We do not have real grass, we have weeds that LOOK like real grass when we (I)keep it cut and when it gets dry, it just will not stay green no matter how much water I dump on to it! I like March, it is a nice green month! If we were home owners, you bet I would try to sink in a few bucks to get some real grass!! But, that's life. I am happy to have a yard at all.

So, enough whining! Cooking... I have not done a whole lot of that! Sadly! I mean, I cook, I keep us alive, but nothing exciting or interesting! Some chicken in a Proven├žal sauce, some bacon... (Always!). And not a whole heck of a lot else! What a time to suck at cooking, right when I want to have stuff to talk about!
Books.... Oh, I am reading such a fun series right now!! It is called "the Girl in the Box" series and I am having fun with it! I am on the last one, as far as I know. The main character is just great! She makes me want to go kick the ass of anyone that has ever messed with me!!

Boston's..... Well, they are awesome, except we have had a few altercations this week. Twice. I went to go out the back door, and I usually try to only let myself out, as phoebe likes to pick fights if she is out the at the same time as me. I guess it is a protective thing. But this time, she literally shoved me aside (she is a hefty girl) and made a beeline for poor hector the basset and just tore into him! Unfortunately, 2 other Boston's were out there as well and of course, they jumped on him for fun. I had to turn the hose on them and scream for the boys to come help! We got then untangled and gave hector lots of treats to say sorry. That afternoon, hubby tried to let one dog out and there went evil phoebe, just smashed her way through and jumped poor hector again! We got them separated pretty quickly, but jeez!! What a pain!! I can't even really go into the backyard anymore unless I go out front and go all the way around through the side yard, because the sliding glass door is too heavy and slow to get me through before "radar ears phoebe" hears and races over. This is gonna make it hard to garden this, a bit.

We have too many dogs. Anyone want one???

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