Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looky my new camera!

My Mothers Day Present!

I have been desperately wanting a camera because I have been sharing mine with my son, who is the ROTC photographer.  Every time I want to take a photo, he has it!
I also wanted a teeny tiny one that I could always have in my purse.

So my husband got me this cool Canon ELPH 300HS.  it is smaller than my cellphone!
And it takes great photos.  It is cute that something so tiny actually has a little telescoping lens.

My little guy had his friend sleep over, and it was kinda sad.  Sad that our dogs are so crazy that he was too scared to leave the bedroom ever!  I don't think he even came out for the rest room, unless it was whan I was sleeping.  He is very scared of dogs.  I spent the whole last 14 hours being paranoid that one of the dogs (Jinx, the nibbler) should nibble on him! I feel like I have been holding my breath!  But his mom picked him up and I can sorta breathe again.   They had fun, though....  I was basically a waitress the whole time.....  Or a jailer, since I opened the door a crack and slipped food in!!  They ate incredibly badly. The last time he came over, we found that he is even pickier than Ryan!
He did not eat.  Anything.
So, this time I just went all out and got muffins for breakfast and soda with SUGAR (I am ashamed of myself) and pizza.  They ate way too much and Ryan's room is still waiting to be vacuumed of all the crumbs.

So, I got to breathe for a while.  

Another annoying thing happened.

My cars AC has been getting warmer....  So I got a can of freon and my coworker/ex mechanic had the tool thingys to install it.
All fine and dandy at first, AC was nice and cold.
Then a few hours later,it went out agan, then came back on, back and forth.  This morning I noticed that the car was really like losing power when the air actually worked!  Like little jerky moments as if I weren't firing all the way.  I freaked, because my husband has to take the car into the DESERT tomorrow!  If the AC is going out and it is my fault for letting a person add freon instead of an (expensive) car shop, I will get majorly yelled at.  So I went to my main car shop, Firestone.  They were dumb and clueless.  Said the engine and AC weren't connected at all....  So I got a hold of my coworker and he said AC needs it power from the engine and the are definitely connected.  After lots of boring car gibberish (which is all I hear when it is confusing)I just need to stop by a Real auto repair place and have them flush the lines. 
That should fixit.
I am still not breathing right. 
 Why do I let things bother me so much?

I let things bug me too much and keep it in.
Do you know, ever since the ER incident, I have a raging case of hives?
(Probably because of the bill)
I look like I have measles or chicken pox!  
Maybe I need to go yell and scream and get it all out, because its coming out through my skin!
Hmmm.    Should I post a picture of some spots?  Naaaaa.  

Okay, this post had nothing to do with books, food or Boston's!  Well, maybe a bit about terribly bad food and terribly bad Boston's.  I got a chicken at Costco!  Best deal around, 5 bucks for an enormous bird.  
I am reading some free kindle book and a book about low carb cheats! I will share that later.
For now. Wine and chicken

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