Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monkey Business

I was going to post all about how bad my week has been, how Mother's Day was a disaster (broken house AC, huge dog fight, my back went out and stayed out for days, among other things I don't feel like mentioning) buy instead, I shall try to be positive. 

 I shall share with you my collection of monkeys.  You will notice a theme.  These are all smart monkeys that are doing human kinds of things!  I love my monkeys, even more that I love my turtle collection (that I have gazillions of)!  

I have noticed that I needed to dust these little guys, so this morning I got out my dust rag and they are all shiny and beautiful!  Did I retake the photos?  No!  That would have been too much work.  But they are all  clean now.  I just got the candle holding monkey at the goodwill yesterday. ( I also to some awesome dresses and a purse!)

I am so happy, the leader of the book club I am in  (hi Tiffany!!!) announced our next book club meeting!!  I have so much fun at them.  It is really the only time I go out without my husband.  We always have a bit (gallons) of wine and talk about the book for about 5 minutes.... Then talk about everything else for hours!  We need to do it more often-maybe if we take turns hosting it would be easier.  Unfortunately since my dogs will kill and eat anyone that comes over, my place is out.  (They wouldn't really kill and eat, just nip and nibble and make a s***load of noise!).
Our book was See Jane Run.  It was super good and I made sure to look up a bunch more of her books (Joy Fielding) and she has some great ones!  Suck you in and take you for a wild ride kind of stories!   

Well, off to look for a broccoli cheese soup recipe that DOES NOT start with a"can of cheese soup"!!!  Amazing what people  call "recipes".  The only thing is.....  I ran out of milk.   I have plenty of cream, sour cream, broth etc.... And a TON of cheese.  I will figure something out!
Have a good week!

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  1. hahaha, i'm so glad you like the book clubs and you're excited about our next meeting! I feel so special about being included in your blog! and yes, we do need to meet more often :)