Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays.....

We had a nice Cinco de Mayo.
I made Mexican hamburgers!
I mixed up chorizo and ground beef and cooked em up.  Then I made my cool recipe for the "Red Lobster Rolls" for buns.  Topped with home made guacamole and roasted chilies... MMmmm mmmm!  Sadly, the addition of chorizo added so much fat to them that they shrunk like crazy!   
No leftovers.
The avocados had the BIGGEST pits I have ever seen!  

Then I made some chocolate chocolate chunk muffins....  my usual low carb recipe, but with added cocoa and melted dark chocolate.  
  Should have added more sweetener, though.  Next time!

Jinx was bad yesterday.  
All of the dogs were in the house because I had to do a few things in the back yard and didn't want any fights out there.  But I suddenly noticed the stinker Jinx running around!  The butt had jumped through my screen in the bedroom!  I tried to fix it, but no go.  So I had to go buy a new roll of screen and re-screen the whole thing!   
Of course, it started raining while I was fixing it. 

It has been quite rainy yesterday and today!
Of course, it rained AFTER I watered the back yard.  Oh well...
I had a NICE Saturday!  We went to the beach in La Jolla
 (Wind n'Sea)
That is a cool beach!  But it's a little scary, the beach slopes much more than most beaches and the waves are crazy big and strong!  I myself would probably not venture in, and I really wouldn't want my kids in there either!
Beautiful dramatic clouds, though...  very very windy!
After, we went to Su Casa, a Mexican restaurant that has been around for almost 50 years.  We shared a big platter of tacos and enchiladas and had margaritas.  It was a nice afternoon!

Well, that was my weekend.  How was yours?

Here's the beach!
I did not take this picture, I brought no camera or purse or anything!  But this is exactly what the weather looked like Saturday!


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