Friday, May 10, 2013

What a nice kid!

I got a surprise last night.
My Oldest son announced that he was making dinner!  
He made rotini with a Caesar Pesto sauce and smoked sausage!  He even made a salad.  

I wonder why.....  did he do something bad?  I don't think so.

And look!  He washed the dishes too!

And not to leave out the little brother:
He made this awesome gun complete with a removable "Magazine", I think he called it.
He can make anything out of anything!  Cardboard, paper, foil, legos sticks, and his all time favorite is duct tape!  Once, I bought a roll of moleskin for when we go on hikes or if I have to wear high heels...  expensive stuff!  Well, it went missing...   and I later found  a home made walking stick in his room with a wonderful cushiony comfy handle made out of....  moleskin.

I love my boys!!!!!

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  1. So sweet of Alex!!!!! I love Ryan's Lego invention.. hahaha