Thursday, June 6, 2013


Blogging from the iPad, so no fancy stuff!

I went to a thrift shop recently and found the most beautiful shirt....  A kind of tunic, in the Indian style (not Native American). And it is extremely flattering for my body type!   I got more than a few compliments in one day of wearing this!   I loved it so much that I went online and looked at amazon and eBay and a bunch of other stores.   Then I found that there is a little part of our Mira Mesa neighborhood that is very Indian!!  I knew of one store, but never looked any further... I wish I had!   I found Bombay fashions....  Oh my, the most beautiful clothing ever!  Not that I would have any place to wear a sari or a full "I dream of Jeanie" outfit, but the shirts were incredible!  Hard to find a fit, as the sizes were all European.  But I found a gorgeous one, all slightly silky and shimmery and lovely wide sleeves.  It set me back $28 (the thrift shop one was $4) but well worth it!  I got so many compliments!  Well, my youngest said he was worried that I was wearing too many Indian clothes...???     Maybe he is worried I will wear full Indian regalia and walk him to class?  I dunno!  However, I am tempted to buy one every few months just to have... I adore them!    Also, I went into the Indian grocery next door and had sooooo much fun browsing through the sauces and incense and goodies!  And you know what?? I found a cream that said it helps with a bazillions of skin problems, and also a soap that said the same...  And the ingredients (I looked them all up) were extremely beneficial in curing skin problems and so I got a soap and a lotion.  Even the base of the soap is great, being coconut oil.  (Not lanolin or glycerin, which messes with the skin) and lo and behold, my red hives or whatever the hell they are were a bit paler in the morning after using them! I'm gonna go get some more this weekend.....I used up half the lotion on my legs and arms this morning!  So I feel good about that.... However today I was all busy scratching at the hives behind my ear....  And I noticed a little lump right where my lymph glands are.  Now, I am use to knowing what swollen glands feel like. Mine swell up when I get sick like with a bad cold sometimes....  My kids have had theirs swell a bit when they are sick.....  but this feels a little like an M&M size....  Hard and little.  I actually almost swooned, because I am usually so fucking healthy that I never have anything scary going on....  I am worried that because I had a scare, and got hives, and am anxious lately that maybe I I am attracting bad health to myself.  I am not joking....  I know that good attracts good and bad attracts bad.  If something bad happens and I wallow in it, will it bring more bad health???  Man. I need to try to pull myself out of this!   

Well, hell!   How about some photos? This is some stuff from my life in the last week!
This is why I do not give the dogs toys with fluffy guts anymore! (Note:the sad dog outside that started it all..  Bad Hercules!)
Chicken tiki masala!!!  Mmmmmm.  So yummy!

Stocks!!!  They smell like cloves!  Trader joes has em cheap! I adore them.... Smell them every time I walk through the dining room.

My little little boys when they were 2 and 7!  This is a photo of the photo on the fridge.

This is a little creation thanks to my hubby...  Chocolate raspberry vodka with seltzer and fresh raspberries! I am not one for sweet drinks, but this is definitely an exception! 

Yeah, you want me to get off a the couch?? I don't think so!

Yes, I am pretending to be a frog! Like my frog legs?

Adios!  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. OMG you crack me up!!!!!! Was the blouse you wore the one I loved on you at book club? And I think it's wonderful that your hives are better from that lotion...but try not to work yourself up again.. Hopefully you won't have to go on any anti anxiety meds.. I'm on them because I used to get Panic Attacks and Anxiety all the time..ONce I got them they never stopped.. and I soo loved your "cursing"..wooo! that's my girl!

  2. One must curse every once in a while!

    Yup, that shirt was the thrift shop one.