Thursday, June 6, 2013


Blogging from the iPad, so no fancy stuff!

I went to a thrift shop recently and found the most beautiful shirt....  A kind of tunic, in the Indian style (not Native American). And it is extremely flattering for my body type!   I got more than a few compliments in one day of wearing this!   I loved it so much that I went online and looked at amazon and eBay and a bunch of other stores.   Then I found that there is a little part of our Mira Mesa neighborhood that is very Indian!!  I knew of one store, but never looked any further... I wish I had!   I found Bombay fashions....  Oh my, the most beautiful clothing ever!  Not that I would have any place to wear a sari or a full "I dream of Jeanie" outfit, but the shirts were incredible!  Hard to find a fit, as the sizes were all European.  But I found a gorgeous one, all slightly silky and shimmery and lovely wide sleeves.  It set me back $28 (the thrift shop one was $4) but well worth it!  I got so many compliments!  Well, my youngest said he was worried that I was wearing too many Indian clothes...???     Maybe he is worried I will wear full Indian regalia and walk him to class?  I dunno!  However, I am tempted to buy one every few months just to have... I adore them!    Also, I went into the Indian grocery next door and had sooooo much fun browsing through the sauces and incense and goodies!  And you know what?? I found a cream that said it helps with a bazillions of skin problems, and also a soap that said the same...  And the ingredients (I looked them all up) were extremely beneficial in curing skin problems and so I got a soap and a lotion.  Even the base of the soap is great, being coconut oil.  (Not lanolin or glycerin, which messes with the skin) and lo and behold, my red hives or whatever the hell they are were a bit paler in the morning after using them! I'm gonna go get some more this weekend.....I used up half the lotion on my legs and arms this morning!  So I feel good about that.... However today I was all busy scratching at the hives behind my ear....  And I noticed a little lump right where my lymph glands are.  Now, I am use to knowing what swollen glands feel like. Mine swell up when I get sick like with a bad cold sometimes....  My kids have had theirs swell a bit when they are sick.....  but this feels a little like an M&M size....  Hard and little.  I actually almost swooned, because I am usually so fucking healthy that I never have anything scary going on....  I am worried that because I had a scare, and got hives, and am anxious lately that maybe I I am attracting bad health to myself.  I am not joking....  I know that good attracts good and bad attracts bad.  If something bad happens and I wallow in it, will it bring more bad health???  Man. I need to try to pull myself out of this!   

Well, hell!   How about some photos? This is some stuff from my life in the last week!
This is why I do not give the dogs toys with fluffy guts anymore! (Note:the sad dog outside that started it all..  Bad Hercules!)
Chicken tiki masala!!!  Mmmmmm.  So yummy!

Stocks!!!  They smell like cloves!  Trader joes has em cheap! I adore them.... Smell them every time I walk through the dining room.

My little little boys when they were 2 and 7!  This is a photo of the photo on the fridge.

This is a little creation thanks to my hubby...  Chocolate raspberry vodka with seltzer and fresh raspberries! I am not one for sweet drinks, but this is definitely an exception! 

Yeah, you want me to get off a the couch?? I don't think so!

Yes, I am pretending to be a frog! Like my frog legs?

Adios!  Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm not gone, really!

I'm still here!

I have been a little low, lately.  Nothing horrible.  Just not my usual cheery self.

Part of it is these damn hives!  It has been like 4 weeks, go away already!  I am nervous, because if they are indeed considered "chronic" hives, they could last indefinitely.

Won't this be a fun Summer!

Maybe I will have to wear pants during the hottest months.

I had a wonderful time last weekend.  3 Days off!  I slept in until 7:00 all three days!  My oldest went to Mexico on a photo excursion on Saturday with his Dad....  the day was quite peaceful with just my little one and myself.  We ate badly and I drank beer!  I did yardwork and sat on my butt reading!

I JUST finished "A Different Blue" by Amy Harmon.   I HIGHLY recommend it!   It was only .99 cents for Kindle.  

Go check it out!!

I also recently finished 2 other books by the same author.  They were FREE on Kindle, so I was wary...  sometimes freebies SUCK!  Well, the first one was "When you were older" and the second was "Second Hand Heart".

When you were older was SUPERB!!!!!!  



Second Hand Heart wasn't AS good, but still REALLY good!!


I am hoping you will look these up on Amazon or somewhere....  I am not in the right mood to write reviews, but there are lots online.


Well, off to start my weekend.

BOOK CLUB TONIGHT!!!!!  And Mojitos! (never had one before)


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monkey Business

I was going to post all about how bad my week has been, how Mother's Day was a disaster (broken house AC, huge dog fight, my back went out and stayed out for days, among other things I don't feel like mentioning) buy instead, I shall try to be positive. 

 I shall share with you my collection of monkeys.  You will notice a theme.  These are all smart monkeys that are doing human kinds of things!  I love my monkeys, even more that I love my turtle collection (that I have gazillions of)!  

I have noticed that I needed to dust these little guys, so this morning I got out my dust rag and they are all shiny and beautiful!  Did I retake the photos?  No!  That would have been too much work.  But they are all  clean now.  I just got the candle holding monkey at the goodwill yesterday. ( I also to some awesome dresses and a purse!)

I am so happy, the leader of the book club I am in  (hi Tiffany!!!) announced our next book club meeting!!  I have so much fun at them.  It is really the only time I go out without my husband.  We always have a bit (gallons) of wine and talk about the book for about 5 minutes.... Then talk about everything else for hours!  We need to do it more often-maybe if we take turns hosting it would be easier.  Unfortunately since my dogs will kill and eat anyone that comes over, my place is out.  (They wouldn't really kill and eat, just nip and nibble and make a s***load of noise!).
Our book was See Jane Run.  It was super good and I made sure to look up a bunch more of her books (Joy Fielding) and she has some great ones!  Suck you in and take you for a wild ride kind of stories!   

Well, off to look for a broccoli cheese soup recipe that DOES NOT start with a"can of cheese soup"!!!  Amazing what people  call "recipes".  The only thing is.....  I ran out of milk.   I have plenty of cream, sour cream, broth etc.... And a TON of cheese.  I will figure something out!
Have a good week!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looky my new camera!

My Mothers Day Present!

I have been desperately wanting a camera because I have been sharing mine with my son, who is the ROTC photographer.  Every time I want to take a photo, he has it!
I also wanted a teeny tiny one that I could always have in my purse.

So my husband got me this cool Canon ELPH 300HS.  it is smaller than my cellphone!
And it takes great photos.  It is cute that something so tiny actually has a little telescoping lens.

My little guy had his friend sleep over, and it was kinda sad.  Sad that our dogs are so crazy that he was too scared to leave the bedroom ever!  I don't think he even came out for the rest room, unless it was whan I was sleeping.  He is very scared of dogs.  I spent the whole last 14 hours being paranoid that one of the dogs (Jinx, the nibbler) should nibble on him! I feel like I have been holding my breath!  But his mom picked him up and I can sorta breathe again.   They had fun, though....  I was basically a waitress the whole time.....  Or a jailer, since I opened the door a crack and slipped food in!!  They ate incredibly badly. The last time he came over, we found that he is even pickier than Ryan!
He did not eat.  Anything.
So, this time I just went all out and got muffins for breakfast and soda with SUGAR (I am ashamed of myself) and pizza.  They ate way too much and Ryan's room is still waiting to be vacuumed of all the crumbs.

So, I got to breathe for a while.  

Another annoying thing happened.

My cars AC has been getting warmer....  So I got a can of freon and my coworker/ex mechanic had the tool thingys to install it.
All fine and dandy at first, AC was nice and cold.
Then a few hours later,it went out agan, then came back on, back and forth.  This morning I noticed that the car was really like losing power when the air actually worked!  Like little jerky moments as if I weren't firing all the way.  I freaked, because my husband has to take the car into the DESERT tomorrow!  If the AC is going out and it is my fault for letting a person add freon instead of an (expensive) car shop, I will get majorly yelled at.  So I went to my main car shop, Firestone.  They were dumb and clueless.  Said the engine and AC weren't connected at all....  So I got a hold of my coworker and he said AC needs it power from the engine and the are definitely connected.  After lots of boring car gibberish (which is all I hear when it is confusing)I just need to stop by a Real auto repair place and have them flush the lines. 
That should fixit.
I am still not breathing right. 
 Why do I let things bother me so much?

I let things bug me too much and keep it in.
Do you know, ever since the ER incident, I have a raging case of hives?
(Probably because of the bill)
I look like I have measles or chicken pox!  
Maybe I need to go yell and scream and get it all out, because its coming out through my skin!
Hmmm.    Should I post a picture of some spots?  Naaaaa.  

Okay, this post had nothing to do with books, food or Boston's!  Well, maybe a bit about terribly bad food and terribly bad Boston's.  I got a chicken at Costco!  Best deal around, 5 bucks for an enormous bird.  
I am reading some free kindle book and a book about low carb cheats! I will share that later.
For now. Wine and chicken

Friday, May 10, 2013

What a nice kid!

I got a surprise last night.
My Oldest son announced that he was making dinner!  
He made rotini with a Caesar Pesto sauce and smoked sausage!  He even made a salad.  

I wonder why.....  did he do something bad?  I don't think so.

And look!  He washed the dishes too!

And not to leave out the little brother:
He made this awesome gun complete with a removable "Magazine", I think he called it.
He can make anything out of anything!  Cardboard, paper, foil, legos sticks, and his all time favorite is duct tape!  Once, I bought a roll of moleskin for when we go on hikes or if I have to wear high heels...  expensive stuff!  Well, it went missing...   and I later found  a home made walking stick in his room with a wonderful cushiony comfy handle made out of....  moleskin.

I love my boys!!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013




Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.
Today, I am in a bit of a funk.  Not horribly, just a little melancholy.  So in order to try and snap myself out of it, I am going to list TEN things that I am grateful for.
1. I have a house to live in.
2. I have a great family.
3. My boys are smarter and more socially adjusted than I was at their ages.
4. I am fairly healthy.
5. I have the awesomest dogs in the world and they love me no matter what! (I know that awesomest is not a real word)
6. There is always plenty of food and water for us.
7. I have freedom.
8. I have a job that is not too bad.
9. I am the manager so nobody can tell me what to do!  (they try, though).
10.  My desk is by a window so I can watch the sky and trees.

I think the one I feel the most strongly about right now is Freedom.  After reading so many articles about the kidnapping victims in Cleveland, I so value every little thing that I am able to do that they couldn't!  I can go for a walk outside, I can pick what to wear and eat, I can get in a car and go anywhere, I can tell my husband I don't feel like sex (doesn't go over well, but at least he hasn't tied me up), I can call or text anyone I want, the list goes on and on...... 

What are you grateful for?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays.....

We had a nice Cinco de Mayo.
I made Mexican hamburgers!
I mixed up chorizo and ground beef and cooked em up.  Then I made my cool recipe for the "Red Lobster Rolls" for buns.  Topped with home made guacamole and roasted chilies... MMmmm mmmm!  Sadly, the addition of chorizo added so much fat to them that they shrunk like crazy!   
No leftovers.
The avocados had the BIGGEST pits I have ever seen!  

Then I made some chocolate chocolate chunk muffins....  my usual low carb recipe, but with added cocoa and melted dark chocolate.  
  Should have added more sweetener, though.  Next time!

Jinx was bad yesterday.  
All of the dogs were in the house because I had to do a few things in the back yard and didn't want any fights out there.  But I suddenly noticed the stinker Jinx running around!  The butt had jumped through my screen in the bedroom!  I tried to fix it, but no go.  So I had to go buy a new roll of screen and re-screen the whole thing!   
Of course, it started raining while I was fixing it. 

It has been quite rainy yesterday and today!
Of course, it rained AFTER I watered the back yard.  Oh well...
I had a NICE Saturday!  We went to the beach in La Jolla
 (Wind n'Sea)
That is a cool beach!  But it's a little scary, the beach slopes much more than most beaches and the waves are crazy big and strong!  I myself would probably not venture in, and I really wouldn't want my kids in there either!
Beautiful dramatic clouds, though...  very very windy!
After, we went to Su Casa, a Mexican restaurant that has been around for almost 50 years.  We shared a big platter of tacos and enchiladas and had margaritas.  It was a nice afternoon!

Well, that was my weekend.  How was yours?

Here's the beach!
I did not take this picture, I brought no camera or purse or anything!  But this is exactly what the weather looked like Saturday!